Social Networking

Back in early 2009 when my first book was under contract I decided to get involved in social media because that was supposed to help market them. I joined Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

Later I learned that it’s best to focus on just one of those, and chose Facebook.

I also got my own website, Janet Ann, and began blogging regularly twice a week. At first I only used Blogspot, but now also use Word Press since those posts show on my website. Unfortunately, most of the comments I get on either one are spam and I delete them.

The original purpose for doing all those things was to help sell my books. I don’t think that has accomplished much in the way of sales, but I’ve become a social media addict.

I have about 2000 Facebook ‘Friends,’ but most of them are either other writers who want me to buy their books, or people I personally know. Facebook has recently made it difficultly for anyone I don’t interact with regularly to see my posts.

And I’ve learned posting often about my own books on social media is likely to get me blocked for spam.

But I enjoy keeping in touch with old friends and acquaintances so I check in with Facebook at least once a day and share all my blog posts there.

I also have a professional Facebook page, Janet Ann Collins, Author, but only post about my books and writing there.

Social networking will probably never make me rich, but I enjoy it and intend to stay involved.

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