When I was a kid my grandmother, who lived on the other side of the country, always sent me a pretty handkerchief as a Christmas gift.
I guess when she was young cleansing tissues hadn’t been invented yet.
Although I never used those hankies to blow or wipe my nose, I liked getting them because they were pretty. And I’ve kept them all, but almost never look at them.
Now that the cold and flu season is here I’m so glad we don’t have to use that kind of fabric squares to blow our noses today.
Men kept their white handkerchiefs in their pockets, but women often stuffed them in their sleeves. And they would use them many times before they were washed. Just think of the poor women back in the past who had to wash them by hand. YUK!!
I have no idea who invented cleansing tissues, but I’m SO glad somebody did!

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