A New Year

Monday will be the first day of 2018!
As the song says, “This is a day of new beginings. Time to remember and move on.”

And, as the older song reminds us, we probably end 2017 by thinking of Auld Lang Syne, which means ‘old long since.’ In other words, we remember the past as we think about the future.

Even those of us who don’t actually make New Years resolutions usually think about our hopes for things we would like to accomplish and see happen in the new year.

No matter if 2017 has been a good or bad year for you, I hope 2018 is much better. I won’t use the term “New Year Resolution,” but is there anything you hope to accomplishes in the year to come?

And may 2018 be a year of peace on Earth and good will to everyone.


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