Showers and Baths

When I was in Second Grade a book we studied in class said boys could take showers but girls had to take tub baths. The illustration showed a brother and sister with the boy in the shower and the girl in the bathtub next to it.

But we lived in a little cabin in the woods and didn’t have a bathtub. Was I somehow doomed because I couldn’t take tub baths?

Well, I survived.

Most of the places I’ve lived as an adult have had both showers and bathtubs. Usually the showers were over the tubs.

But I’ve usually taken showers in spite of what that book said and never had a problem as a result. So nyah nyah to whoever wrote it.

Do you prefer showers or baths?

Yard Sales

We’re having a neighborhood yard sale this weekend where I live.

When I was a kid there were some “rummage sales,” but those were few and far between.

Today yard sales happen all the time when the weather is nice.

I wonder why they didn’t have as many of them in the past? Maybe people didn’t have as much stuff back then as they do now.

Yard sales help people unload things that are no longer needed and make a little money while, at the same time, helping others get things they can use for low prices. It’s always fun to find something special or get something you needed at a bargain price.

And I think yard sales, especially group ones like this, are great opportunities for people to get to know their neighbors and some strangers.

This should be a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.




When I was a kid my father died and my mother had to go to work. She told me over and over again that I should become a teacher so if my husband died I could be home with my kids when they weren’t in school. Obviously she had no idea how many hours teachers had to work while their students weren’t there.

I thought it was stupid to plan my life because a husband I might never have might die, so I ruled out teaching as a career.

But I did become a teacher.

I started as a counselor and instructional counselor at California School for the Deaf, had a home preschool while my daughter was little, taught in several preschools, was a substitute teacher for years, and taught summer school classes, among other things.

And now I’m planning to start a home preschool again.

Even though my mother was wrong about the reason, she was right to tell me I should become a teacher.



Why I Write For Kids

There are lots of reasons why I write for kids.

I love kids and I’ve had lots of experience with them. I’ve been a parent, foster parent, teacher and now I’m a grandparent.

And I read lots of books for kids – usually five or six Middle Grade and Young Adult books every week. Those can be read in a few hours I don’t have to wait days to finish them, and they are usually not depressing.


But I must confess the main reason why I write for kids is because I’m still a kid on the inside. Maybe, like Peter Pan, I’ll never grow up. 😉

My New Blog

I’ve given up on my blog with because of tech problems that never got solved in spite of multiple calls, etc. Now my blog is with Word Press and connected to my  website,, with Go Daddy. I hope people will follow me there, but I’ll continue to share my posts on Facebook.